It doesn’t have to be this way

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The Roman Catholic Church does not truly support the LGBTQ community

This is well known, but to find the actual words you have to look at the Roman Catholic Catechism itself. I reprinted one of the relevant sections below. I am aware that this part of the Catechism is considered offensive by many— I chose to reprint it here because I think Roman Catholics really need to read the words themselves and we need to shine the light on things to show their true nature.

Why is it written this way

I think there are at least two possible explanations (1) God intended for the Catechism to be written this way (2) God did not intend for it to be written this way, but words were misinterpreted (for whatever reason) and now the Vatican is unwilling to change (for whatever reason). I believe that the Bible represents the word of God, as communicated through human beings. As an educated person, I know that these texts were not originally written in English and have therefore been translated at least once, and probably more than once. Despite these shortcomings, the Bible is extensive and contains consistent themes which can offer excellent insights into God’s intentions. Using two well known and accepted sections within the Bible can help in this regard. These are the “Ten Commandments” and Jesus’s “Greatest Commandments”.

Commandments in the Old Testament

Let’s start with the Old Testament. Here are the Ten Commandments, which are fairly well known [3].

Commandments in the New Testament

Now the New Testament. Here are Jesus’s words, as recorded in Matthew, 22:37–40 [4]. These are also fairly well known.


What did I conclude from examining the words in the Catechism, the Old Testament and the New Testament side by side?

One of the these things is not like the other.

The two commandments in Matthew (which came much later in time) are very consistent with the more specific lines in the Ten Commandments. To me, Jesus was not putting forth a whole new set of Commandments, only restating the essence of the original Ten Commandments in a form that was more basic (and perhaps easier to remember).

I voted with my feet.

Alternatives are closer than you think

And I found something really wonderful. I found a Church nearby where the priest (and the church organization itself) talks about loving one another (like it says in the Bible). They talk about everyone being welcome, as churchgoers and as part of the clergy. They don’t talk trash about the people standing next to me, or the kid in the next aisle. They don’t just talk, they seem to mean it.

At least we won’t have to feel guilty for going to church.

That’s something I guess.

Husband. Dad to two kids and four dogs. Trying to become more authentic and less afraid.

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