Day 30, Of ‘A Photo A Day For 30 Days’ Challenge.

New growth.

Today is day 30 of the 30 day challenge. It only took me 35 or 40 days to finish but who’s counting? One thing this forced me to do was to hit that publish button when it was good enough. Sometimes it takes me three weeks to write a story here and I have always admired those here who crank out meaningful work nearly every day. I think in a way this has forced me to grow a little like the tree in the picture. A few days ago it was in the mail in a cardboard box. Today, it sprouts new leaves. Maybe there’s hope for all of us. Thank you Divina Grey for tagging me for this challenge. Have a good week everyone!

Husband. Dad to two kids and four dogs. Trying to become more authentic and less afraid.

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